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Hello everyone!  I’m spending a few days in Boston.  I’m here to say hello to the TechStars Boston office and see some old friends.  Really a great group, am having a blast.  I’m excited to see some familiar faces here: Shawn Broderick, Brad Feld, Ken Zolot, Howard Diamond and Bill Warner.

Oh yes, the northeast.  This is where I went to college.  Land of the Dunkin Donuts and slight depression.  I know, and love it.

I had an amazing tour of MIT by Ken Zolot today.  I would love to spend some time real time here.  Here is the Stata Center, the most amazing building I have ever been in:

Strata Center at MIT

Spent the rest of the day at Cooley, Godward and Kronish as they met with the teams to discuss software patents, trademarks and the common mistakes of early stage entrepreneurs.

Girls In Boston

June 17th at noon there is a group meeting at betahouse and going out to lunch. betahouse is a kick ass coworking spot (the 14 I have visited) and is run by some outstanding guys.  I have heard quite a bit, and am excited to see it in person.

If you are in the area, please join and talk TechStars, tech and perhaps a bit about Boulder or triathlons.  So far it is @jonpierce, @zapnap, @hybernaut and a few other coworkers.

If it isn’t too large of a group, lunch is on me.  Thanks for reading this blogity.  I’m here until Thursday, and would love to catch the Red Sox game tomorrow night (anyone else want to go?).








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  1. Aimee Greeblemonkey Avatar

    wow, that building look kinda like the Denver Art Museum. hmmmm. 😉

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