My 2008 Colorado Voter Notes

I started deciding how I was going to vote for the 2008 Colorado General Election for the Referendum and Amendments and decided to put my notes online.

Remember, vote early (info for Boulder voters) to save the chance of a line.  This is how easy it was in the primary:

Line For Early Voting!

Amendment 46: Discrimination and Preferential Treatment by Governments
My take: Too vague, “preferential treatment” isn’t defined.  No. 

Amendment 47: Prohibition on Mandatory Labor Union Membership and Dues
My take: Very divisive and doesn’t add any value to workers.  No.

Amendment 48: Definition of Person
My take: Hell no.

Amendment 49: Allowable Government Paycheck Deductions
My take: You hate unions?  Then can you help get this on the ballot?  No.

Amendment 50: Limited Gaming in Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple Creek
My take: Extending gambling limits will bring in bigger casinos.  Will help community colleges, but I think this isn’t a good longterm strategy.  No.

Amendment 51: State Sales Tax Increase for Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
My take: Helps people that need it, but a tax increase.  Neutral (but leaning yes).

Amendment 52: Use of Severance Tax Revenue for Highways
My take: A budget mandate in the constitution?  No.

Amendment 54: Campaign Contributions from Certain Government Contractors
My take: Another bad idea. No

Amendment 58: Severance Taxes on the Oil and Natural Gas Industry
My take: This first one I support.  Tax on Oil and Gas companies for financial aid for college students.  Yes.

Amendment 59: Education Funding and TABOR Rebates (S.A.F.E.)
My take: Creates savings account for schools.  Yes.

Referendum L: Qualifications for Serving in the State Legislature
My take: Young people involved in politics?  Impossible!  Yes.

Referendum M: Obsolete Constitutional Provision Relating to Land Value Increases
My take: Doesn’t seem like anyone cares about this one, but seems to take out unneeded language.  Yes.

Referendum N: Obsolete Constitutional Provisions Relating to Alcohol Beverages
My take: The fed controls Alcohol, so this doesn’t do any good in the state constitution.  Yes.

Referendum O: Citizen-Initiated State Laws
My take: Yes. Yes. Yes.  It should be tougher to get constitutional amendments on the ballot.  Yes. Yes. Yes.

That is my take on it, but with my stance on Be Political, you should have your own as well.

Vote early!  I will be going on Monday to the Boulder County Courthouse at around 4pm, would love to grab a happy hour after.

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