My Pledge to Use Non Acquired Companies

TechStars 08 I love startups.  I love knowing the founders, promoting the companies, writing about them, finding bugs, and just about everything else startup.  I love how three millionaires still owe me $20 from when they were broke.

But I realized something the other day.  Most startups die because their are a lack of passionate users.

Fair enough.  I’ve run a few projects where after a few months only a handful of users were active.  One of the most frustrating situations I have ever been in.  I’ve looked at my habits as of late, and realized that I don’t support as many small companies as I think I should.

So here is my pledge: if you have a web app out there, I want to use it.  While doing this, I will do my best to be as useful to your project or company as possible.  I will report bugs or write about my experience it.

I’ve realized how obsessed I am with user iterations with web apps.  Time for my actions to reflect my views.

Go ahead and contact me, I will be a poweruser in no time.

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