Notes On Planning Travel


I’m head first into planning my round the world adventure, which has been overwhelming.

round the world

I’m about to abandon the idea of a full plan, and just start with three countries in mind.  Then experience them.  Don’t look forward too much, just be there.

I think that will be the beauty of this trip.

Taking a moment to really celebrate your surroundings.

Christmas Tree Cave

Anywhere in the world can be the most amazing place.  A friend told me about her Grand Canyon rafting trip she is about to take, which made me look up these photos from my Grand trip in 2007.





5 responses to “Notes On Planning Travel”

  1. Mr.Baxta Avatar

    Abandoning the detailed plan was a great move. My wife (girlfriend at the time) and I took a 3 1/2 month road trip across the US and southern Canada with nothing but a laptop, a map, and a short list of things we wanted to see before we had to be back in California. Overall we covered 44 states (3 provinces) and visited many parts of the country that we wouldn't have considered because we simply didn't know about them before we left.

    The best example was Portland, Maine which we found on our way to Boston. We liked it so much, the first thing we did when we made it back to California was move our belongings out of storage and into a moving truck. We made the cross country drive once again to move to Maine. It wasn't originally on our “must see” list when we started our trip, but here I was only four months later staring at a blank business plan in snowy New England.

    Have a great trip!

  2. Nick B Avatar

    I like the plan: pick 3 places and really get in to the culture. Dive in, head first. Eat the food, meet the locals, appreciate it for what it is.
    If you're taking suggestions, I'd say 1 place should be Nicaragua. I've spent a lot of time there and can say that, if you like adventure (and I know you do), you will fall in love with the country and culture.
    Where else can you slide down the side of a volcano, walk around boiling mud pits, stay in one of the infamous dictator's residence (now a very nice resort), see monkeys as you stroll around a lakeside village, drink the best fruit juices you have yet to have, and get some of the best coffee in the world?!

  3. Chris Young Avatar

    You should watch the movie Last Stop for Paul.

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