Notes On The Trip

Portland Travels

So the big trip is getting closer and closer.

I’m already tired about talking about it.  The first response people have is generally, ‘oh, like Eat, Pray, Love right?’  It has shifted in the last week to ‘where first?’

Boulder is first.  I’m treating this like a destination.

Yesterday on the trail I was thinking a lot about this area and how much I have not done.  It is an amazing place that I have had a hell of a six years playing around in.

One year seems like a big trip.  So does six years.

I’m going to miss my friends, my home, my laptop and the treasure that is Colorado.

But what is my planned trip?  Here it is.

But Boulder is first.

Living here, exploring here.

Taking walks, going for adventures and treasuring the people.

The trip has already begun.

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