NYC Marathon

November 1st, with a bib from the National Stroke Association I will be running in the NYC Marathon!  I have to send a huge thank you to Jeff Kline of PRS Fit for connecting me and really making it happen!

I need your help!  Please consider a donation to this fine organization!  Whatever is pledge here (leave a comment) I will match!  Double your donation!  Feel extra awesome!  Do it here!

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of serious, long-term disability. Few conditions can occur as rapidly and with as devastating consequences as stroke. Data from the American Stroke Association indicate that over 700,000 people in the United States suffer a stroke each year. Of these, about 500,000 are first attacks and 200,000 are recurrent attacks.

What started as a January workout challenge with Rich has turned into an incredible base for my training.  I’m pretty scared of 26.2, to be honest (having done a half ironman too).  Here is a picture of my old running shoes with roofing screws in them so I wouldn’t fall on my ass.

Day 30 /120

So the training will bump up now.

I will be in Seattle tonight for Gnomedex, and then San Francisco on the 25th for Foo Camp.  If you want to go for a run, please let me know!






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  1. bfeld Avatar

    Super proud of you Andrew! If you are willing to run slow, I'll go for some long runs with you. And – I'm good for $100 – just tell me what to do.

  2. Brett Borders Avatar

    that's massive! Very cool. Best of luck with your training and I am sure it will be a next-level, life changing type of experience.

  3. Ginger Cohen Avatar
    Ginger Cohen

    Great Andrew. I'm in for $50.00 but I can't run with you. Sorry. Do I just click on “Do it here” Do you get credit that way?

  4. amyc Avatar

    Andrew, funny how one commitment for the new year can turn into a life-altering experience and habits, huh?

    I'm so excited and psyched for you. Watching you begin the 120 back in January, and then run a super-hard trail run, sign up and complete the half ironman and all with such a great, inspiring attitude this year has been so fun. This is only the beginning for you. Savor and keep it close as you put the miles in. 🙂

  5. andrewhyde Avatar

    Hey, just set up the fundraising page

    Does that work?

  6. andrewhyde Avatar

    Thanks Brett! I'm hearing great stories about it!

  7. andrewhyde Avatar
    andrewhyde is where you should donate!

    Thank you!

  8. andrewhyde Avatar

    Thanks Amy!

    We will have to go on a great run or two!

  9. heyrich Avatar

    Very cool, Andrew. It's really impressive how you've managed to keep up what we started on Jan 1. You've got a great instinct for finding the next interesting/hard thing to challenge yourself with. I hope to start running again soon and join you for some NYC training runs.

    Here's to keeping healthy so we can take on the next big challenge – Ironman!

  10. africankelli Avatar

    Good luck in NYC and in NZ this spring!

  11. africankelli Avatar

    Good luck in NYC and in NZ this spring!

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