NYTimes Stops the Presses

Nick Bilton posted a phenomenal image today showing an actual ‘stop the presses’ moment for the NYTimes.

The planned front page for today's NYT at left; at right, the Bin Laden Killed version. (Major props to NYT newsroom for amazingly quick turnaround.)

I went to the WTC site last night to see what the reactions were. I saw a lot of emotion. I saw a lot of people not sure why they were there or just what that meant. What I wish I saw was a peace rally. U-S-A was chanted, as was “God Bless America” and other nationalistic tunes. A few people climbed the lamposts and waved flags.

It was equally beautiful and maddening.

WTC Osama Bin Laden Dead Gathering

Ground Zero.

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  1. NULL Avatar

    Well put Andrew. Though it’s a totally different context, what you’re describing reminds me of how I feel during international sporting events (notably the Olympics) when I’m in the presence of other U.S. fans. “Beautiful and maddening” is a great way to describe U.S. pride.

  2. NULL Avatar

    Exactly. I definitely share in that emotion of the celebrations, but at the same time, I wish people would have a little more awareness that the world is watching.

    This guy makes the point very well:

  3. Neil Robertson Avatar

    Have to disagree strongly with you that it’s “maddening”. Many of those people have probably gone through a lot these last 10 years and it was a moment for them to release that emotion. I know many think it’s bad to have nationalistic pride these days, especially American, but I just plain disagree.

    I’m glad you got to witness that, though, Andrew. That’s awesome! Another reason why NYC is so great… it’s one of those places where history just happens.

  4. NULL Avatar

    There was a strong contingent of drunks that emptied the bars to be part of
    a ‘historic moment’ in such a way as a playoff game. That was maddening.

  5. Neil Robertson Avatar

    Ugh… yeah, true… you are going to get those people for sure. After posting that and reading about some of the displays of “patriotism” in front of the White House last night… it quickly became an excuse for college kids to just act like retards. Of whom, probably barely remember Sept. 11th.

  6. digidave Avatar

    I just happened to be in DC when this was announced. Was thinking of going to the White House to check it out – but didn’t.

    Hope you are doing well in all your travels.

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