NYTimes Stops the Presses

Nick Bilton posted a phenomenal image today showing an actual ‘stop the presses’ moment for the NYTimes.

The planned front page for today's NYT at left; at right, the Bin Laden Killed version. (Major props to NYT newsroom for amazingly quick turnaround.)

I went to the WTC site last night to see what the reactions were. I saw a lot of emotion. I saw a lot of people not sure why they were there or just what that meant. What I wish I saw was a peace rally. U-S-A was chanted, as was “God Bless America” and other nationalistic tunes. A few people climbed the lamposts and waved flags.

It was equally beautiful and maddening.

WTC Osama Bin Laden Dead Gathering

Ground Zero.

via Kessler

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