Owning 15 things: 7 months in

Hi from Pacific Beach San Diego

It is almost 7 months into my minimalism kick. I own just about 15 things (real number is about 20 now) after selling everything in August to travel and figure some things out.

What is it like?

Beautiful and simple.

I own two shirts. It is shirt 1 or shirt 2. I’ll wash them at night about once a week. I have one pair of shoes. One pair of pants. Life is just simple. I get to focus on other things, quite a blessing.

What have I learned?

1) It is not that hard. Lack of choice helps, not hurts. I still have not had someone point out that yes, indeed, I did wear that shirt yesterday.
2) Stuff controls my life. The TED gift bag double the stuff I own. Giving it away was pretty dang fun.
3) When you have nothing your language turns from ‘I want’ to ‘we should do ___.’ The joy in life is from not the thing, but they actions and community.

I’m sitting in a coffeeshop in Austin with everything I own under the table. What I do in an hour, a day or month is totally undecided. There is an excitement to that. One day I will give it up. For now, not a chance.

Too many things like this to see.

You wake up in Palm Springs at #TEDactive and think 'overrated' :)






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  1. NULL Avatar

    Constraints (minimalism) crystalize wants vs. needs. Turns out there aren’t very many true needs in life.

  2. Sunil Doshi Avatar

    Andrew – I just discovered your site and really enjoy what I have read. Perhaps because I’m still obsessed with stuff, I’m curious what your 15 things are. Is there a post or a Flickr photo of those things?

  3. NULL Avatar

    I should post one, here is an old picture of the stuff in Colombia.

  4. Jaime Andrés Avatar
    Jaime Andrés

    dude, what yuo’re doing is amazing!!!! my best wishes to you and your seek for…something 🙂

  5. apas Avatar


  6. paulmerrill Avatar

    And may your backpack never get stolen! It would be a pain to replace those carefully chosen items.

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