Paris, France

I’ve had a fantastic week in Paris thanks to the folks at dojoboost (an startup accelerator in the heart of the city). Tonight I’m speaking at an event hosted by Windows 8 App Lab about the future and current climate of startups.

It has really been a treat seeing Paris.

Notre Dame de Paris

Paris, France

Champs Élusées


French Flag





3 responses to “Paris, France”

  1. John Fischer Avatar

    My favorite city. How did you deal with no gluten?

  2. andrewhyde Avatar

    Morning: eggs.
    Lunch: rice and something
    Dinner: meat and veg

    Lots of coffee. Have lost weight by not eating that much due to the gluten thing.

  3. Mandy King Avatar
    Mandy King

     Love the photos, Andrew!  Making me wish that I had a trip to Paris planned. 🙂

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