Point B (Parkour Movie by Michael Alosi)

A few years ago a friend took over my laptop at Trident to show me something called Parkour.

There wasn’t much available.  What was online was interesting, but very rough (cell phone footage).

Parkour Movie

Parkour is hard to describe, but it is the creative passage from Point A to Point B (hence the title of the film).

Today, Michael Alosi, from CU emailed me to announce his new film was online.  It is called Point B. You can watch the whole film here.

There are some great shots of Boulder in the film.  A must watch if you are ever feeling uninspired.

I now feel like jumping down a stairwell.  Perhaps I can manage to not hurt myself in the process.






2 responses to “Point B (Parkour Movie by Michael Alosi)”

  1. Anderson Avatar

    Cool video… I manage Parkour.tv is there a more embed-friendly version avalible ?
    See my twitter and email info for contact

    Nothin too commercial, I am just asking because I like it.


  2. Sunny Thaper Avatar

    Man so rad! Thanks so much for the share bro!

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