% of Americans With Passports

What is the percent of Americans with Passports? I get asked this question a lot while traveling, a a common misconception is that Americans don’t travel because only 10% of them have passports. So what is the answer? How many Americans have passports?

The answer comes from the US Department of State. Valid U.S. Passports in 2012 is 113,431,943 (36%). In 2002 it was 55,169,571 (19%). In 1992 it was 17,950,578 (7%). Some great data is here.

So all the stories about “do only 10% of Americans” are false, but were true around 1994. If you just heard this story (about the 10%) ask your friend what other data they know that is almost 20 years behind on correctness.

Don’t have a passport?  Get one.

percent of americans with passport 2012

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