% of Americans With Passports

What is the percent of Americans with Passports? I get asked this question a lot while traveling, a a common misconception is that Americans don’t travel because only 10% of them have passports. So what is the answer? How many Americans have passports?

The answer comes from the US Department of State. Valid U.S. Passports in 2012 is 113,431,943 (36%). In 2002 it was 55,169,571 (19%). In 1992 it was 17,950,578 (7%). Some great data is here.

So all the stories about “do only 10% of Americans” are false, but were true around 1994. If you just heard this story (about the 10%) ask your friend what other data they know that is almost 20 years behind on correctness.

Don’t have a passport?  Get one.

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3 responses to “% of Americans With Passports”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    I have to think that some of this is “Americans don’t have passports” angle is a little unfair because of our geographical situation. Going from one country to another when you are in Europe is like traveling from one US state to another. You can bet that almost everyone would have a passport if that was the case. I think Australia would be a better comparison. Apparently their rate was 49% in 2010 (http://www.traveltrends.biz/ttn555-record-number-of-australians-hold-passport-to-adventure/).

    So, we’re still a little behind. Go travel!

  2. Sandi Martinson Avatar
    Sandi Martinson

    I love to travel. I learn so much being in other countries and cultures. I do agree with Ryan I think some of it is our geographical situation. I would imagine that many Americans travel to varies states, but have not made the leap to other countries. I also agree with Ryan that we need to get out there and Travel!

  3. Kyle Keeton Avatar
    Kyle Keeton

    (includes 1,300,145 passport cards) Lets try again, a passport card is worthless…

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