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A Sign Of the Times

We are seeing quite a few startups show their signs of pain with layoffs and abandoned fund raising efforts.  Boulder is still showing signs of a thriving community, but also is facing the harsh reality of economic lows.

I purchased with the intent of building a community resource for the Boulder startup scene. Now is better than ever to build it up.

We used it as the community base to plan the innovative and challenging Startup Job Fair that happened last month.   Too bad the economy had to do it’s ‘collapse’ trick right when we were getting everyone together, but we have seen quite a few hires and moves as a result of it.

Now we can work on building up as a community resource.

What you can do to help:

  • Write a story about the tech scene in Boulder, send it to me to be published on
  • Link to the site with Boulder linked.
  • Know a company that is hiring?  We have a jobs list, email me and we will put you on it.
  • Tell your friends about it.  Get them to move out here!  Someone reached out to me to move over four years ago, reach out to someone else!
  • Suggest things!  How can we make it better?  We are working on building a q/a section and a bridge between CU and the great tech scene.






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