Screw Twitter, Look At What We Have

I spend a lot of time on twitter. A lot of time. I’ve also written about the Posting Economy (see my Ignite talk here).

I’ve also said that twitter has done nothing new or exceptional but have amazing communities on it.  No in line comments, no photos, no blah blah blah.  We still all use it, and this is interesting to me.  Why no ‘the next twitter?’  While pondering this, I realized I have many twitter like sites in my life. In fact, one for every part of it.

Workout: DailyMile

Mileage tracking for triathletes (and more).

Design: Dribbble

Designers post small portions of their screens.

Startup: Sprouter

Entrepreneurs talk about ideas and best practices.

Social: Facebook

Holy social graph batman, connected to high school friends to conference buddies.

If I had a pets there would be Dogster.  Autos.  Design.  Furniture.  Music.

We have a twitter for every niche.  User generated short posting via topic (with features!).  This is interesting because the argument that twitter has amazing communities on it, independently driving traffic, conversation and growth is gone.  Seems it it for the general part of lives, and experts are diving their attention to the niche, to get back to the good old days if you will.

There is a twitter for every part of my life.  Anyone else feel this way?







4 responses to “Screw Twitter, Look At What We Have”

  1. phxwebguy Avatar

    Hi Andrew, I completely agree with you and actually enjoy the more niche sites. Admittedly, I probably pay more attention to locals and what they are up to when I am on Twitter but have found few with like interests. Aside from the fact that we live close and attend the same events, I find little crossover into places like DailyMile and Daily Burn. I like sites like DailyMile because people with like interests can share feedback and help motivate each other. But, most of all I find a lot of what my Daily Mile friends are doing inspirational. It makes sense for me to be in a place that identifies with what I spend a ton of my time doing anyway… Running, recording time, recording routes, seeking training tips.

    The common theme that I see is that people are migrating to niche communities that are based on topics that they care about, spend their time focusing on anyhow. Which is a perfect follow-up to your posting economy article. Its a captive audience. Keep up the great work… and the Ironman training.

  2. Madwaxer Avatar

    how about sites like:

    use to keep lists of interesting sites and news links instead of digg and facebook for items their TOS may find not to their taste or i just want better control of who can access it..

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