Skipping a Flight to NYC

I made a big mistake in my quest to live in NYC: I visited Colorado in the spring. “I’m just visiting for the weekend,” I thought. And then I skipped my flight back to New York yesterday. Not sure if I can really explain really why, but a picture might help out:

Black Mountain Ranch Colorado

The West is just amazing. It needs to be explored. It needs to be photographed, written about, jumped in, rafted down, run on, fallen down on and swam. NYC had so many amazing people. So many friends there, but friends are better when they are at your side on an adventure.

This big old trip I’m on seems to be building up to an exciting few months until the fall, when, after the last brilliant sunset makes me rethink vagabonding, minimalism and where I want to go when I’m not hopping planes.

Until then, this horse needs some ear scratching at Black Mountain Ranch in Colorado, partner.

A Horse At Black Mountain Ranch






9 responses to “Skipping a Flight to NYC”

  1. Austin Baker Avatar

    My wife and I are heading up to the Boulder area for all of next week. To be completely honest, I am a bit concerned that we aren’t going to leave.

  2. Christopher Chadwick Avatar

    This happens often, continue following your heart..

  3. NULL Avatar

    There will always be this…

  4. skyle Avatar

    hey Andrew! 

    You plucked these thoughts out of my head and wrote them down 🙂 NYC has such an amazing energy, but the peace and big sky of the West is pretty soul feeding as well. I have been thinking about both for a while now and trying to figure it out. I guess choosing to miss your plane says it all. By the way, I had no idea you lived in RI. I’m from RI!

    Enjoy the ranch.

  5. Mike Pascoe Avatar

    The West is best, welcome home friend.

  6. Jason Avatar

    Why leave in the fall?  At that point, ski season is just around the corner. 

  7. Brett Nordquist Avatar

    You have a rare skill in the way you write. It’s poetic yet that doesn’t do it justice. I wish I had your gift. But I’m glad I can read and learn from you.

  8. William Sulinski Avatar

    Great photos, all I needed to make me make it a priority to get to Boulder for the first time.

  9. DanPierson Avatar

    You won’t find me living east of the Mississippi again (apart from New
    Orleans, right on the banks of the river). The West is Big Sky Country:
    fewer people sharing more space.

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