Startup Weekend Opens Up

Today I spoke at BIL making a big announcement about Startup Weekend.

Simply, I am opening it up.

IMG_3781.JPGAnyone from around the world can host their own Startup Weekend.  We will provide our support and lessons learned, and eventually an office and training staff.

Why did we do this?  What does this mean?

The decision to do this came from a couple of events:

  1. Where we do weekends, tech community is strengthened.  Stories of people looking for jobs, and finding them, or starting their own company at Startup Weekend needs to happen more.  This does just that.
  2. We were not able to scale quickly enough, and failed to reach out to the community.  I feel this is the right way to reach out.
  3. I have been honored and humbled to be a part of open movements in the web.  The more I talked about why it was a good idea, the more I looked at my project.  I respect and like the open movement.  Be the change, right?
  4. People asked for it.

Now is the time to really start working.

Want to host a Startup Weekend in your city April 3-5?  Drop me a line.  Let’s do this.

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