TechStars Application Tips

TechStars Application

TechStars applications for 2009 opened up today!


I am very excited for the offices to be buzzing with excitement again.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting into the program.

  1. Have a Quality Team
    Note that we have never accepted a solo founder.  Won’t happen this year, I am guessing.  See David’s comment below. Just know your chances are much better with a team. Take note of this.
  2. Focus on Your Team
    Team is the most important thing.  If you are applying, make sure you have built some things together.  You will be working with this cofounder for the next few years, this is not something to rush.  Note that tip #1 and #2 is team.  #3-10 should also be that, but I think you get the point.
  3. Get Yourself in a Launch Place
    I wrote a post about if I was starting a company today.  Get to a place where you can focus on your startup.
  4. Figure Out if Boulder is Good for You
    Boulder is one of my favorite places in the world.  The location, people and vibe fits me perfectly.  If you are accepted to TechStars, you will be spending three months here.  Reach out to people on Boulder is for Startups.  Ask a ton of questions.
  5. Be Nice
    Life is too short to be around miserable people.  We will be spending a great deal of time together.  Some investors like investing in really aggressive, hurried and aggravating people.  Not us.
  6. Be a Food Startup
    Hey, it worked for Foodzie, it could work for you.
  7. Apply Early
    Don’t wait to the last day to apply.  Apply early, come out to TechStars for a Day.

Any questions?  Contact me and we should chat!

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  1. David Cohen Avatar

    On your single founder statement – let's not rule it out. It could happen, it just hasn't really happened yet.

  2. loan modification Avatar

    Thanks for the tips.. I think they're very helpful..

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