The Hold Steady Live at the Fox Theatre in Boulder Colorado

Last night (4-10-2009) I attended a show at the Fox TheatreThe War On Drugs opened up for The Hold Steady.

I’ve long thought that concert photography would be a really fun experience, but rarely go to shows.  I brought my 5d Mark ii and was told that I just couldn’t use a flash, but could take photos.   Sweet!

Halfway through the show I switched to an ISO of 6400 and opened up the lens.  Some of the most experimental exposures I have done is a long time.

I also took some video (was lucky enough to sit on the rail and use that as the tripod).  Here are the last 4 songs of the show in a timelapse:

I also have the 30 minutes of footage in HD. I’m shooting a 5d Mark ii with a 17-40mm 1:4 lens.  Incredibly fun.

Somewhat waiting on the Colorado Tapers guys to post the better audio and somewhat waiting for me to figure out how to get the file size under 5 gig.

I would love to do a photoshoot with a band following them to three venues and telling the story of their entire set.  This was fun, something I would love to do again.

If you have the chance to see The Hold Steady live, do it!  Keep it positive!





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