The Travel Book Comes Out Wednesday

The travel book I’ve been working on for the past few months is ready for sale!

Here is the big goal: #1 travel book for the day on Amazon. The list seems to be pretty accessible to this project, but needs a group effort! I need your help! Wednesday, at 9am PST, noon EST and 6pm in Zurich (where I am now!) please pick up a copy!

You want a sample chapter? How about two? Observationally a Bluff & A Drunk Mongolian Russian await you.

There is no way to preorder or set up preordering of self published books so I can’t get you a link besides promising to update this one to the respective places you can buy it: for the .pdf

Travel Book





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  1. Darin Hagre Avatar
    Darin Hagre

    Awesome! Can wait to check this out!

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