Time To Startup

To all my startup friends: you inspire me.

There was a fantastic op ed this morning in the NYTimes More (Steve) Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

What the country needs most now is not more government stimulus, but more stimulation. We need to get millions of American kids, not just the geniuses, excited about innovation and entrepreneurship again. We need to make 2010 what Obama should have made 2009: the year of innovation, the year of making our pie bigger, the year of “Start-Up America.”

I would change it should be Startup America, because startup is a word, in my mind at least.

The people I’m around in the startup world could make a damn good run to change the world on $100,000.  The banks couldn’t give a mid level manager a bonus that low.

Reject that mentality.  I wonder if we took an ounce of that money and seeded Matt to start a bank, or perhaps not fund, but enable them to compete against those that have failed, and will continue to fail, if we just keep propping them up.

We would have a better country, that is what.

To all my startup friends: you inspire me.

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