Trada Launches, Very Interesting

Trada, a Boulder startup headed by Niel Robertson and funded by Foundry Group launched today, very, very interesting.  They are:

Trada is revolutionizing the way Agencies, Advertisers and PPC Experts build and manage PPC marketing campaigns. We’ve developed the first PPC marketplace that allows agencies and in-house advertisers to leverage the skills of hundreds of the best PPC experts in the world, who in turn earn money risk free by generating low-cost clicks and conversions for advertisers.

So Trada crowdsources PPC campaigns and pays based on performance.  Very interesting to see how sustainable their payouts are to the people doing the work on the ground.  At first I thought this was spec work, but as stated as far from it because they pay the majority of the participants, which leads to a sustainable model that spec is not.

I see PPC campaigns as horribly confusing and needing constant maintenance.  A tool I don’t use because I don’t want to spend my days sharpening it. As a company, they have shown that they have a personality to say the least.

They have raised 2.2 in venture funding. Well done on the launch, will be exciting to watch them grow.

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