Why I Love Boulder

I love Boulder.

I really do.

I travel roughly 170 days out of the year.  Every time I come home, I smile.  This place is almost perfect for me.  Here is why (as told through pictures):

Tech Scene
I love our tech scene that has really flourished in the last two years.  We have some great community leaders that make it easy to get involved.

Boulder New Tech Meetup TechStars Night

Hardcore Friends
It is easy to say that a pickup game of ultimate in frigged snowy weather is hard to get momentum.  Not here.  Same goes for climbing 14ers, playing sand volleyball in the snow, or running up Mt. Sanitas.


Kick Ass Events / Community Support
I like putting on events.  There is a great community that takes events like Ignite Boulder and packs a house with some of the most talented and friendly people I know.

Ignite Boulder 3 Swag

Trident / Other Coffeeshops
Trident is certainly the best coffeeshop in the world.  It is where I started my first company.  It has been a quiet haven from the tech community until recently.  I love the staff there.  I love the coffee.  I love the building.

Trident Cafe in Boulder

I work for one of the most energetic and driven places I have ever been.  I am grateful for every day I get to work with early stage startups, and every night when I am at the office at 3am and see a room full of others working just as hard. 

TechStars Day 1

The Arts
Boulder has a great, and building arts community.  Could be better, but I’ve caught a few random bar fashion shows to make me believe that I am just missing out.

Flash Steal Model

The Nightlife
Seems to always be something to do, always a great crowd and an amazing amount of cheap drinks and happy hours.

Drinking FTW

The Music
Boulder has two fantastic venues for concerts (many other great ones too).  The Fox and The Boulder Theatre.

Show at Boulder Theater

The Summer
I love summer.  I love the simplicity of a pair of sandals, boardshorts, shirt and goal of adventure.

Why I love Boulder, CO

The Winter
I love the snow, the snowboarding (30 minutes door to lift to Eldora, 2.5 hours to Vail and world class slopes).

I love you

The Outdoor Activities
This picture features my office, if you look for it.  20 minutes of walking can get you there.  You can get there on the dedicated bike path.  Turn right after the park on the creak, right at the kayak park.  I think you get the point.

Overlooking Boulder

The Weather
300+ days of sunshine, and even when it storms, it is beautiful.  I live in a house in this picture, and am reminded every day in how lucky I am for it.


So that is me.  Do you live here?  What is the reason for you?

This was part of the Boulder.me project.

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