Why Your Startup Should Visit Melbourne

I’ve spent the last 3 months in Melbourne, Australia and think you and your startup should do the same.

Here’s why:

  1. The Friends.
    The Australian culture respects creation. That goes for entrepreneurs just as much as it goes for chefs. If you dream and create, you are welcomed. The ecosystem is pretty well developed with several multi-million dollar startups that have gone through the cycle, but is still new and looking for mentorships and friendships.
  2. Passion.
    Stuart Scott (one of my favorite sports broadcasters of all time) had a saying that ‘game recognizes game’. He meant that the greatest recognizes great things and elevates to the level. I’ve found my best dinner conversations are in places that are well designed with people that intentionally put themselves in that space. I’ve found a similar feeling in Melbourne. The place has such a feeling of design that I’m inspired everyday.
  3. Location.
    Northern Hemisphere winters = Southern Hemisphere summers. If you don’t do well with the dark and cold (I certainly don’t) this is a phenomenal break in your year. Melbourne is on the southern coast of Australia on a bay. Within an hour drive you have an amazing variety of places you can be. It’s famous for four seasons in a day so you can enjoy all that mother nature has to offer. When you wake up, you are about a half day behind the US, so for me this has offered an amazing ability to focus on the work and goals that I have to do without being sucked in too much by the minute to minute news cycle. You are far away and this lets you focus.
  4. Transit.
    It’s easy and affordable to get around. You don’t need a car, and taxis and ride sharing will fill the gap in between where the fantastic public transit will take you. The downtown (Central Business District) has plenty of amazing places to meet people and there are over 60 co-working spaces in town – all convenient to transit. The tram goes to the beach too. It is rare that I’m annoyed at anything in Melbourne. Just a well thought out and planned out city.
  5. Purpose.
    Ever meet someone and think to yourself “this person is going places”? You don’t know why but you can just tell that they have that spark that is going to catch on. That feeling. I get that feeling all the time here. People have a need to prove themselves and match that with the style of hard work and living an amazing quality of life. Family, social good, purpose, and personal development are all on display.

Did you think I was just going to say the Avocado Smash and coffee? I’d do it just for the coffee and food scene, all my other points notwithstanding.






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