Hello, Goodbye Alex King.

A damn amazing person passed away this week. His name was Alex King and he made a fundamentally good impact on my life and I wanted to say goodbye and share a story about this man.

I met him at BarCamp organized by Joe Pezzillo, Daniel Newman, Austin Gayer among others. It was my first tech…

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Startup Weekend Turns 8

photo by Devin Reams

Startup Weekend turned 8 today.


The event is now supporting new entrepreneurs experience what it means to start something up is now in 154 or so countries supported by thousands of volunteers.

Who was at the first one? Some absolute legends.

  • Bruce Adair
  • Stuart Backer
  • Michael Bahl
  • Yong Bakos
  • Micah Baldwin
  • Michael Bauer
  • Jeff Beard
  • Gwendolyn…