Swept Away By The Boulder Flood Motorcycle Video

In the most intense footage I’ve seen in reference to the Boulder flood check out this crazy scary footage of a motorcycle getting lost in some of the floodwaters (plus a perfectly matched music track).

  • Jonathan Sackheim

    That is the best human related flood video.

    This is the best one of just raw flood footage: https://www.facebook.com/boulder.colorado/posts/10151539085111735

  • So yeah… not going to lie – this guy is a darwin award winner waiting to happen. Yeah the footage is amazing, but only gained by doing something incredibly stupid. He should never have been in that situation.

  • An intense watch for sure.

  • Ryan

    I thought this was pretty cool, until it turned out to be a GoPro ad. And I don’t swear that often on the internet, but to be honest: that’s pretty fucked up. Not cool.

  • mattemmi

    Its not a gopro add. They add their logo and links to any video created in their editing software.

  • gist

    He should have changed the GoPro tagline in this one to “Don’t be a hero.”

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