How I Hacked Into TechStars

Just over two years ago I hacked into TechStars, the company where I now work.

I read about it in the local paper and decided I had to be involved.  I knew three of the four founders, and thought I was a shoe in for funding.

And that funding didn’t happen, I was not chosen to be a…

Startup Weekend Opens Up

Today I spoke at BIL making a big announcement about Startup Weekend.

Simply, I am opening it up.

Anyone from around the world can host their own Startup Weekend.  We will provide our support and lessons learned, and eventually an office and training staff.

Why did we…

GangPlank – A Lesson On What To Do

I visited GangPlank today, which is the 6th coworking space I have been too.  Very impressed with what I saw.  If you are interested in how to build a startup community, check out the great work they are doing.

GangPlank is an office space.  Around four Five…