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Screw Twitter, Look At What We Have

I spend a lot of time on twitter. A lot of time. I’ve also written about the Posting Economy (see my Ignite talk here).

I’ve also said that twitter has done nothing new or exceptional but have amazing communities on it.  No in line comments, no photos, no blah blah blah.  We still all use…

Twitter Search This

I landed at DEN yesterday and did a search for “DEN” and “DIA” on twitter to see if any of my friends were hanging out waiting for a flight.

With those terms being used at a rate of 10x a minute in German and Spanish Portuguese, the results were pretty useless.

    Social Media and PR In the Digital Age

    This morning I spoke on a panel “Social Media and PR In the Digital Age” at a Boulder Chamber event.  It was a fantastic event, a huge thank you to Laura Love and all those that put it together.

    Here was my very hungover view:

      Boulder Based Businesses on Twitter, Now What?

      Over the last two months most of the storefront businesses in Boulder (where I live) have joined and started participating in twitter.  I was sure a vendor was going around and doing it for them, but after talking to many owners, it seems they have done it out of noticing other businesses doing it.  These are all…