Advanture! An Ode to Bracken and Amy

My two friends Bracken and Amy are something special. We are both on big adventures. Their ‘advanture‘ has always been a goal: going around the country in a van decked out as a base for trail running, mountain biking and getting to know the country. They are off doing that, and having a very similar but different trip. They are very offline (and together) while I’m very online and traveling solo.

Crested Butte 4th of July-103

Last year they got married, and it was beautiful, and they are beautiful as a couple. I’ve learned a lot from them, and look up to them.

Bracken and Amy Christensen Wedding-149

Traveling has lead to amazing places. The amount of ‘day friends’ (similar to ‘single serving friends?’) I’ve had is astonishing (those that you meet, engage, laugh, enjoy and travel separate ways). Exhausting at times. I was thinking about the two of them tonight, and thought I should write this down. You two are having an adventure building your lasting friendship. Something I am looking forward to finding myself.

Follow their van journey here.

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4 responses to “Advanture! An Ode to Bracken and Amy”

  1. Amy C (Expand Outdoors) Avatar

    What a beautiful post, my friend! Thank you for the amazingly kind words. I am honored to know you and, as I know you know… you inspire me as well. 🙂 We miss you and love following your travels and can’t wait to sit down at Atlas with a delicious americano, sharing our adventures. Sending love your way. _amyc

  2. Bracken Christensen Avatar

    Thanks so much for your kind words. While you look forward to the adventure of building a lasting friendship, I know we’re looking forward to traveling the world. Here’s to big adventures and inspiring friends. Cheers!

  3. Steve Oatney Avatar
    Steve Oatney

    Andrew… you, Amy, and Bracken are inspirations for so many, you probably have no idea the widespread positive affect all three of you have on us. Know this, and know you three are well loved, and well appreciated. Keep on being you, and keep pushing us all to have more “wows” in our lives.

  4. NULL Avatar

    That just made my day, thanks!

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