Colorado Leeds School of Business Application

I’m applying to the Colorado Leeds School of Business for grad school.  I think they are fantastic.  As part of the application, they request you submit something creative:

At Leeds we live and work in one of the most entrepreneurial communities in the country and we foster an environment where creative people spur economic growth and innovation. Creativity is one of the many factors in the admission process that helps us to select the brightest, most talented and diverse candidates each year. That being said, we would like to challenge your creativity.

Pretty cool thing to have on an application, right?

It had me thinking. I’m big on openness and community. Could I have the surrounding community do short recommendations for me on my blog, twitter, brightkite etc?

I can use your help right now! Can you leave a comment on this blog, with a short recommendation on why I should get in and go to CU for grad school? I’m hoping for 100 comments in the next few hours. 

Also, if you are on twitter, hit reply and use #CU as the hashtag? ex @andrewhyde would be great at #CU because…

I’m submitting this URL in my application.  Which brings me to the second audience I am writing this post for:

A message to the nice admission folks at CU:


Welcome to my blog.  Below are some friends that I have helped out, interacted with or met online that recommend that you accept me.  Please take a look at who they are, and what they have to say.  This is an open forum.  No moderation is taking place.

There are also comments on twitter.  And BrightKite.  And Flickr.

Thanks for taking the time to look around.

Andrew Hyde

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