Colorado Leeds School of Business Application

I’m applying to the Colorado Leeds School of Business for grad school.  I think they are fantastic.  As part of the application, they request you submit something creative:

At Leeds we live and work in one of the most entrepreneurial communities in the country and we foster an environment where creative people spur economic growth and innovation. Creativity is one of the many factors in the admission process that helps us to select the brightest, most talented and diverse candidates each year. That being said, we would like to challenge your creativity.

Pretty cool thing to have on an application, right?

It had me thinking. I’m big on openness and community. Could I have the surrounding community do short recommendations for me on my blog, twitter, brightkite etc?

I can use your help right now! Can you leave a comment on this blog, with a short recommendation on why I should get in and go to CU for grad school? I’m hoping for 100 comments in the next few hours. 

Also, if you are on twitter, hit reply and use #CU as the hashtag? ex @andrewhyde would be great at #CU because…

I’m submitting this URL in my application.  Which brings me to the second audience I am writing this post for:

A message to the nice admission folks at CU:


Welcome to my blog.  Below are some friends that I have helped out, interacted with or met online that recommend that you accept me.  Please take a look at who they are, and what they have to say.  This is an open forum.  No moderation is taking place.

There are also comments on twitter.  And BrightKite.  And Flickr.

Thanks for taking the time to look around.

Andrew Hyde


81 responses to “Colorado Leeds School of Business Application”

  1. kohlmannj Avatar

    Dear CU Leeds School of Business-

    Andrew is exactly the kind of guy you want in your graduate program. He's smart, funny, social, and perhaps most importantly, he gets things done. I've not met a more motivated, genuine individual, much less in someone so relatively young.

    Andrew is incredibly adept at bringing people together to create community. Combining this with his seemingly innate skill at creating successful businesses, he is the perfect match for your esteemed program.

    I'm not the first to say it, but I probably won't be the last either: You'll be glad you accepted him. He will do the school proud.

    Best regards,
    Jared Kohlmann

  2. Erin Kabbash Avatar

    Good luck Andrew!! I have had many friends and a co-founder go to the CU business program. They have all loved it and come out very sharp! Great school and a great potential student.. sounds like a match to me!

    CU, Andrew is for you!!

  3. Josh Fraser Avatar

    CU admissions,

    By this point you probably realize that Andrew has a lot of friends who have his back. The reason he has that is because he has given the last few years of his life helping others, promoting entrepreneurship and building the community here in Boulder. I'm convinced there is no better candidate for your program. You better snap him up while you have a chance!

    Josh Fraser

  4. Tyler Willis Avatar

    CU –

    I can't believe Andrew's going to grad school, you're lucky to get him (he'll probably generate 4-5x the tuition he's paying in PR value 🙂

    But, enough, creativity eh?

    *Andrew built this company in 7 hours on a plane, doing the designs himself. Now it's a huge hit and all sorts of famous industry folks wear the shirts.
    *He founded Startup Weekend which has spread worldwide like wildfire.
    *He has consistently advocated on behalf of his community.
    *Andrew wrote this blog post to apply to grad school

    I think you'd be smart to accept him.

  5. Len Kendall Avatar

    A significant part of the business school culture is networking. Clearly AH has mastered that art with the above. I strongly encourage his acceptance and know it would be an excellent investment for your program.

  6. Heather Capri Avatar

    Dear CU,

    As a native Boulder resident and fellow CU alumna, I am honored to recommend Andrew Hyde to the Leeds School of Business graduate program. Boulder is indeed “one of the most entrepreneurial communities in the country,” and I can attest that Andrew is one of the most community-driven and community-fostering people in Boulder.

    Andrew's ability to organize and ignite others to be proactively involved in their respective communities, entrepreneurial or otherwise, has been recognized and applauded by people across the globe.

    Andrew is bright and friendly, and his charisma is magnetic. He will be a valued addition to your program.

    Heather Capri Buna
    Electrical Engineering, 2004

  7. Liz Walker Avatar

    Dear CU,

    As a CU alum with both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University, I heartily recommend Andrew Hyde. His creativity and connection to the world of NOW is what is sorely needed at my alma mater. His ability to organize and execute strategy in the start-up world is amazing. You will be lucky to get him. Plus the PR value of his attendance at Leeds will increase the college's relevance in today's business environment.

    Liz Walker

  8. Natty Avatar


    Andrew is an amazing community organizer, loyal Boulder entrepreneur, helpful advisor and advocate. We are building a startup in Boulder, Andrew has provided great insight, introduced us to important and influential people in Boulder, and helped us integrate into the community. He is a good friend.

    I give my, and our companies highest recommendation to Andrew.

    Natty Zola
    [email protected]

  9. Joanne White Avatar

    Admissions officer,
    Leeds School of Business

    Andrew Hyde has many of those qualities which simply can't be taught, and which are key to a successful entrepreneur and businessperson.

    Andrew manages diverse and complex relationships from a personal through to business acquaintance level with panache, experience and a professional balance which is an extremely rare commodity. His personality is magnetic and approachable, and his enthusiasm engenders the same in those who work with him.

    His professionalism is undeniable, yet his personability invites people to take steps beyond their comfort zone. He both encourages and incites confidence in those around him.

    As a current graduate student at CU, I believe Andrew exemplifies qualities directly in line with those sought by the University in achieving its Flagship 2030 goals. I am very pleased to be able to recommend Andrew for admission to your program.

    Joanne White
    Graduate Student/ TA
    School of Journalism and Mass Communication
    University of Colorado at Boulder

  10. George Tziralis Avatar

    Hi from Athens, Greece, I happen to met Andrew in the Start-up Weekend he organized in Athens and I was happy enough to spent some time with him, discussing -among others- how to create the “Start-up MBA” (a longer version of a Start-up Weekend).
    To put it simply, Andrew is an enabler and if I were you I'd not just accept his application, but in parallel I'd hire him to bring my students closer to the fantastic world of entrepreneurship; the rest being history.

  11. Alex B. Avatar
    Alex B.

    Dear CU Admissions,

    Despite knowing Andrew purely from his online presence (this blog, Twitter, Flickr, etc.), I would highly recommend that you admit him into your program. As you will see, he is exceptionally creative, hard working, informative, and helpful. The skill set that he displays on a daily basis (everything from clear, concise writing to masterful networking), and his proven track record for success, leaves no doubt in my mind that he will thrive in your graduate program.


  12. Brett Borders Avatar

    Dear CU Admissions,

    I have no doubt Andrew will be a very successful business student who'll one day donate libraries, computer labs and maybe even an airports to the Leeds School of Business.

    Accepting him will be a good investment.

    Do it!

  13. Larry McKeogh Avatar
    Larry McKeogh

    Dear CU Admission Folks:
    You should snap Andrew Hyde up without reservation. As you have read from the comments above and those sure to follow Andrew is an eclectic individual. He buoys those around him either physically or mentally which has helped raise the Boulder Tech community to national status.

    I for one would hate to have him apply and accept an opportunity outside of Boulder. This town would take a step backwards. I am speaking as a graduate whose has observed many changes over the years in Boulder.

    Larry McKeogh
    CU – BSEE, 1994

  14. Brian Avatar

    Honestly, I think Startup Weekend alone should be enough to get you in. There are many things a School of Business can and should learn from innovative, creative thinkers (and DOers!) like yourself.

    So in advance, cograts on getting in!

  15. Ken Oatman Avatar

    I'm literally Andrew's next door neighbor, and I've learned a lot about modern community from him in several novel ways. First, when I started digging into social media, I immediately found how engaged Andrew was in the medium via Brightkite, after plugging in my own address there, and finding his footprints. Wow. This whole process has actually made me more social in the real world, which is exactly why I'm now a proponent of social media.

    So I might not have gotten to know and 'follow' @andrewhyde, and lots of other people, if not for his example. Do you know anyone so creative that they're able to drag their semi-hermit neighbors out of their cave by example alone?

    Since then, I've followed Andrew on Twitter, LinkedIn, Brightkite, Facebook…(what else?) and it's inspiring! Plus, we're not the kind of neighbors that walk past each other silently anymore, because I KNOW him, and learn from him, and want to be part of the community web he weaves so charismatically.

    He's a bonus to my little community here in West Boulder, right next to the mountain, and trails, and we've been circling each other on a few minor community-building projects both online and off. Who better to represent Leeds as a stellar example of creativity, commitment, and engagement?

    Andrew, thanks for the almost-instantaneous reply regarding our housing issue tonight via Twitter DM. It'll be nice to have your input on that.

  16. GeekMommy Avatar

    To the Admissions Committee, Colorado Leeds School of Business:

    If you've read this far, you are already aware that Mr. Hyde is well regarded by his peers, his community, and those who have had the pleasure to work with him. Additionally, you are also aware that he is approaching your application process as he does any other new challenge – with the refreshing creativity and ingenuity to engineer not only successful results, but also enlisting the aid of those around him to make sure that the solution encompasses many viewpoints.

    It has been my pleasure to recommend Andrew in more than one situation to someone as yet unfamiliar with his genius. I am happy to say that in the instances where I have, he has never let me down and has exceeded the expectations of those who have taken my recommendation.

    Mr. Hyde is the sort of original thinker who many describe as someone who “thinks outside the box.” I'd go so far as to say that they are understating his viewpoint. He doesn't merely think “outside” the box – he sees the box, realizes where it can be improved and where its strengths are, constructs a new box incorporating those strengths while replacing the weaknesses with innovative new ideas, and then teaches others to use the box in ways they hadn't previously considered.

    Would he provide an asset to your Graduate Program? Undoubtedly. I'm sure that it won't take very long for his fellow classmates and instructors to agree once they've worked with him.

    L. M. Pruitt

  17. An Bui Avatar

    I've known Andrew Hyde since Jan '08, when I met him at Seattle Startup Weekend. Since then, he has continually impressed me by hs ability to take an idea, develop it, get others to buy into and support it, and make something happen. In addition to Startup Weekend, his work with, the tech talent recruiting/networking let's-bring-talent-to-Boulder event, strengthened the ties within the local entrepenurial community as well as introduced talent to Boulder and vice versa.

    He can engage on a highly intellectual level and I expect he'll have interesting perspectives to add in a classroom — or a hallway. Andrew doesn't do things the hard way or the easy way; he does things the right way, a way driven by thoughtful action and values.

    He'll continue to do great things, and I very much look forward to seeing them unfold.

  18. Kevin Owocki Avatar

    I can't think of a better place for Andrew than Leeds. Going to such a fantastic business school will help bring Andrew's business Acumen to the next level.

    And, I also can't think of a better applicant to CU than Andrew. Andrew is smart, creative , and thoughtful. He will truly make a great student, and mentor to other students.

  19. chelpixie Avatar

    CU Admissions,

    You cannot find a better candidate for your program than Andrew. His talent and inspiration of bringing communities together to create sustainable business is remarkable.

    Bringing him to your community will help him to learn and inspire other students as well.

    I wholeheartedly recommend his placement.

  20. Ryan Wanger Avatar

    CU Adminssions, please do not accept Andrew Hyde. For if you do, he will have substantially less time to devote to organizing startup weekends, ad hoc conferences, social outings, communal hack sessions, evangelizing the Boulder community and startup scene, and offering insightful opinions, advice, and help to those in need.

    Do NOT take our startup leader!

    On second thought, maybe you should. I wouldn't want him forced out of town in pursuit of an MBA….

  21. jonny goldstein Avatar

    Andrew is one of the most creative, smart, and generous people I know. It reflects well on Leeds that Andrew has decided that graduate work in your program is a good fit for his goals and aptitudes.

    Best of luck in being able to attract Andrew to your program. If he applies elsewhere, those other programs will do their best to seduce him away from you.

  22. Ian Thomas Avatar

    Just by looking at how many positive recommendations have been given is such short a time gives you a small sense of how many people Andrew has collaborated with, helped in some way, or inspired etc.

    Andrew is a rare fellow who is is kind, intelligent, creative and remarkably accomplished . He's a sure boon to any project and will be a valued asset at your program while he's there and for many years beyond.

  23. Lisa Williams Avatar

    To any admissions personnel at the Leeds School of Business, and anybody else who happens by:

    Hi! My name is Lisa Williams, and I got to know Andrew during the summer of 2008 when I was participating in a Boulder, CO-based startup incubator program called TechStars.

    What impressed me about Andrew was his commitment to what might be called a “startup way of life.” I learned about his involvement with Startup Weekend, and TechStars, and his own independent projects, some of which were commercial and some of which weren't.

    Andrew frequently volunteered his time, talent, and efforts to others' startups, and as a result he's in a unique position: he's probably seen far more innovative web initiatives, commercial and noncommercial, than the average person.

    Harvard could have him; the MIT Sloan School could have him — but Leeds ought to have him because of his commitment to the Boulder startup scene. I'd be perplexed if he wasn't accepted.


    Lisa Williams

  24. David Cohen Avatar

    Dear CU:

    Andrew is a huge part of the Boulder startup community. He organizes many local events and puts his heart and soul into each one. Startup Weekend, his creation, has become a worldwide phenomenon. His work at TechStars has been strong – he's helped make us more accessible to the world by being out IN the world. If anyone understands the spirit of entrepreneurship, it's Andrew.

    Take a chance on Andrew. It's a small chance. It will pay off.

  25. Jan Kabili Avatar
    Jan Kabili

    I've known and admitted Andrew Hyde for several years. He is a special person–creative, charismatic, and wise beyond his years. He would be a true asset to your school.

  26. Scott Andreas Avatar

    I had the pleasure of working and traveling with Andrew in the UK, some of his partners in the US, and in New Zealand. Conversations with him reveal both a broad perspective of his industry and an uncommon depth of insight.

    Perhaps more importantly, he's fantastic at execution – Andrew will either tear into a project himself, find someone who can help make it happen, and get it done.

    World-renowned alchemist. Would work with again, A++++.

  27. Grant Avatar

    I know it can be cliché sometimes to say that someone thinks differently, but Andrew truly does. His ability to look at a situation, product, company, whatever and come up with new and creative thoughts and input toward solving problems or achieving goals always amazes me. I think the only way he's able to do that is his passion for doing good work and his passion for connecting and helping people.

  28. Jed White Avatar
    Jed White

    To the good folks at Leeds,

    You already say that Boulder is one of the most entrepreneurial communities in the country.

    Well, Andrew is one of the reasons why.

    My partner and I moved here from the other side of the planet to launch a new startup for just that reason. The whole community has been incredibly welcoming. But Andrew has just been amazing. Between his blog, his tweets, Ignite and hackspace and startupweekend and everything else he does, he's part of the glue and the spark for the local startup community.

    Being a startup entrepreneur can be lonely. Trying to meet people and break into a new community can be tough. Andrew has made both easier.

    He lives and breathes entrepreneurship every day in the most practical way imaginable.

    For him to be part of the entrepreneurship program at CU would just be the rightest thing in the world.

    All the best,

  29. Tom Chikoore Avatar

    My B-school experience taught me that to be successful, one has to have the capability to make something out of nothing. Andrew has an outstanding track record of being able to make a whole lot of things out of nothing. There are numerous examples, however, Startup Weekend and Techstars are two example that I have witnessed first hand. Andrew's leadership skills, community organization skills and creativity will be a great asset to your B-school class and the University as a whole.

  30. Robby Avatar

    Leeds folk,

    I met Andrew at OSCON 2008 and have been following him ever since. His blog is an indispensable resource for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and he's always excited to help out when I write to him. Trust me, you want him as much as he wants you.


  31. Robby Avatar

    Leeds folk,

    I met Andrew at OSCON 2008 and have been following him ever since. His blog is an indispensable resource for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and he's always excited to help out when I write to him. Trust me, you want him as much as he wants you.


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