Doha, Qatar

I spent the week in Doha, Qatar at the TEDxSummit.  I could write half a book about how the event went (amazingly well with a few humanistic hiccups).  A seriously massive event in scope with participants from 90 countries.  Venues were built for the event.  Six locations were used.  A bit of a jaw dropping event.  I had a conversation with a person from 60 countries in a week, getting to know far beyond the basics of culture.

A stunning no cgi used intro video was a highlight.  One shot, mirrors and a rolling floor.


Relaxed, humbled and excited for the web that TED has created with TEDx.

Andrew Hyde - Photo: Kris Krüg

Nairobi tomorrow.





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  1. Ariel J Avatar

    crazy video! you look very relaxed. sounds like an amazing experience. 

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