Four Seasons Bangkok

The motorbike taxi had never dropped anyone else off at the Four Seasons in Bangkok.  I thought it was a fitting transportation choice, as I passed from the backpacker circuit to the luxury that is Four Seasons.  The bellman, and I, were truly confused when I was dropped off.  You, me, here?  Yes, for the night.  Nepal tomorrow, tonight, a treat night.  I took my hard hat off, payed the taxi our negotiated rate ($6 down to $2) and checked in with all my possessions in the world on my back.  Minimalist lifestyle design.

It had always been my plan to have breaks in my trip where I got off the backpackers circuit.  Over four months into the trip, this was my first step away from the hostels, overnight busses and street food.

What an amazing transition.  I’ve gone to a few parties over the years at Four Seasons, but have never stayed.  I both regret not staying here in the past and knowing what it is like staying in such comfort.

Check in.  Wonderful.  So nice and friendly.  Escort to room, drop of the bag.  Escort to ‘Executive Club’ where there is a staff mixing drinks and helping with whatever you need help with.

I am having a hard time booking a flight.  They call and negotiate a fare for business class.  They see I’m leaving for the airport, book a limousine?  Gluten free meal on the flight, we can have some gluten free toast for you in the morning, is that alright?

What a transition.  The past four months I have been obsessing over the details.  Where does this bus go? Is it direct? Is there cargo? Is this the right ticket?  Did I negotiate the right price?  Is my bag safe? Is my stop next or the third one?  Did I pick the right tour?

Iced coffee.  The ice is made of coffee.  Every detail is thought about.  Head to the room for a nap.  Bed is amazing.  Show is amazing.  Totally taken aback.  Wake up to take a tour of the property.  Amazing gym.  Wifi everywhere.  Smells wonderful.  A pool!

At this point I’m bumbling around like a schoolgirl with a crush with the line-leader, and settle down to write some posts, edit photos and decompress a bit.  Then off to the room to reorganize the bag.

Something is different.  The bed is made, my clothes are folded, and everything has been organized.  Well then, well played staff.  Up to the 7th floor for a glass of wine and some more writing.  A very nice Shiraz, one of the few drinks I’ve had over the past two months.  Another? Sure.  Another and I’m going to start saying “I love you” in Thai again.

I cut it short, talk to some families there, play tag with a kid and then off to finish a book and call the night a bit early.  It has only been six hours, but I am totally decompressed.  Really looking forward to tomorrows flight.

I wake up early for a quick workout, steam room and breakfast.  Gym is top notch.  I get a weird look from the staff and other guest for my crossfit style workout (quick, intense and circuiting).  Espresso after a shower, up for some breakfast.

Gluten free bread awaited me.  This lifts me up like little else can.  Toast!  Toast!  Me, not just looking at it for once.  Butter, jam and toast!  Perfect omelet.  Ok, omelets.  Bacon, ham and fresh fruit top it off.  By far the best breakfast I have had in a year.

I have lost a lot of weight on this trip.  I started counting calories and found out why.  I generally order the only menu item that is gluten free, and enjoy it.  Counting up my daily intake, I have ranged from 820 to 1640 calories a day.  A mass deficit to what I should be eating (2200 to 2600 as a 6’5″ male).  I’m down from 240 at the start of the trip to 216 as of this morning.  My breakfast matched my intake for any day last week.  Win.  Delicious, and off to the airport.

These gap days are now a cemented part of my trip.

My wifi is failing in Nepal, so I’m going to publish this and update it later when I get a better connection.

Cheers from Nepal!





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  1. sarahcooley Avatar

    This post made me smile. I’m glad you are taking some time to treat yourself.


  2. ALTRUIST Avatar

    How do you find the Air so far? Is it a good compromise for travel?

  3. melsidwell Avatar

    really enjoying your travel posts, andrew. glad you are safe. happy you are experiencing things, even the joy and frustrations of it all, and sharing it with us. love the photos, too. makes me want to hop on a plane.

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