Four Seasons Vancouver

I just got back from a Four Seasons Journeys trip to Four Seasons Vancouver and Four Seasons Whistler.

We flew into Vancouver as a group of six on a familiarization tour (also known as a ‘fam’ to traditional industry members). Our group was made up of authors, consultants, writers, a fighter pilot (no joke), moms, dads and photographers. We bonded amazingly well, which is odd considering how different we all were.

Lets take a step back. The Four Seasons is known for luxury, design and, at least in my friend circle, really nice bathrobes. My experience was limited to a few drinks in Austin and a stay at Four Seasons Bangkok (written about here). Vancouver’s Four Seasons is one of the oldest in their proud history. The chic hotel chain is actually a Canadian company (news to me).

We started our experience by checking out the famed rooms. We all had Executive Suite rooms, which are the size of my old apartment in Boulder. Pictures might do it justice:

Bed at Four Seasons Vancouver

Welcome at Four Seasons Vancouver

We ate at the YEW Restaurant which is one of the FSV’s big draws. We had a group of about 10 for dinner in the private dining room (very neat – it’s inside the glass wine library).

YEW Restaurant + Bar, Four Seasons Vancouver

We were a large group, all carrying cameras in a private room. It was pretty obvious that we were press (of some sort) and got the extra special treatment. Everything was above and beyond. The wine was fantastic. We ordered off the regular menu after a round of appetizers was brought out.

YEW Restaurant + Bar, Four Seasons Vancouver

Completing our visit, we headed up to the Prime Minister Suite for a tour. Two stories full of every trick in the “That would be amazing” book.

Prime Minister Suite  - Four Seasons Vancouver

View from Prime Minister Suite  - Four Seasons Vancouver

We only had a day in Vancouver, but it was enough to walk around, see the mountains, smell the fresh sea air and view just why so many people rave about it.

Off to Whistler, which is in my next post.

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