Next Level Hawaii

I went to bed on Wednesday night thinking I was going to spend a few days in San Francisco before Web2.0 and Ignite SF (need some Ritual Roasters and taquerias).  Then I checked twitter and found that Micah Baldwin couldn’t make a speaking engagement in Hawaii and needed a replacement.

About 10 hours later I was on a plane.

Sometimes you have to say no, sometimes it is glorious to be able to say yes.

18 hours after checking my directs, I was on a beach. After all going to Hawaii was on my 2010 goals.

I spoke at a new conference, Next Level Hawaii with the great Kelly A. Mitchell as the organizer.  I spoke with Chris Pirillo, Geoff Livingston, Aaron Brazell, Jesse Stay and Roxanne Darling.  All star lineup for any conference, amazing Kelly got everyone together.  Then again, Hawaii doesn’t hurt in the ask.

Here are the speakers.  Great to be here.

Life is random and amazing.  Going surfing in the morning, then flying to Lihue Airport Dillingham Airfield (Kauai) to see the newlywed couple of Amy and Bracken.

Next Level Hawaii

Photo via Jeannemarie Viggiano





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