Knight News Foundation Screeners Meeting in Miami

Miami in mid November is one of the best decisions I have made this year.  Warm sand at night, cuban food to write home about and this little thing called the Knight Foundation.

Knight News Challenge Screeners

12 of the screeners for this years challenge gathered to screen applications, almost finishing the over 3000 application pile.  It has been interesting reading the applications.  From saving the world, to fixing a pothole; the projects really covered it all.  The Knight Foundation has done an amazing job putting the program together.

In attendance were some of my favorite people on the web, David Cohn, Brian Oberkirch, Chris Messina, Beth Kanter, Kristen Taylor, Susan Mernit, George Kelly and many, many others.  I met up this group in San Francisco earlier this year.

I might write a ‘tips how to apply’ for next year, but need to finish up this years batch first.

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