NYC Meeting Chicken


I’ve spent the last week in NYC meeting interesting startup entrepreneurs and visiting old friends. I’ve noticed a very preculurar thing that I’m just going to call “NYC Meeting Chicken.”

It goes like this: both parities try to outlast the other party with reference to setting a location for the agreed upon meeting.  For example, for a meeting in the West Village I delayed setting the location for as long as possible (I didn’t have a preference / didn’t know the area) and the entrepreneur didn’t want to set the location (both didn’t want to pick an unhip place and didn’t want to go to something he had already been to). We finally agreed to meet on the street corner and pick a place together.

It is like both parties expect the other to read indie food review blogs and cross reference them with the new version of Yelp to get *just the right* place to meet for this day, time and person.

This happens with almost every meeting I have. Business, old friends and random meetups alike, setting the location is the last thing that happens, and usually only happens once you have admitted defeat in NYC Meeting Chicken.

I’ve played Meeting Chicken four times today, two wins, two losses.

Is this a thing or just me?

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