Oh The Places I’ve Been (2012 Travel Stats)

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Interesting visualizations based off of tripit data. Cemre Gungor built the tool and you can see your own travel data from tripit here.






3 responses to “Oh The Places I’ve Been (2012 Travel Stats)”

  1. ibika Avatar

    dude your ecological footprint through flying must be one of the largest on the planet.. in the top 5% of the global pop probably.. its not sustainable in anyway and in this time of global warming, air pollution , acidyfing oceans etc etc..I would suggest its a really irresponsible thing to be doing.. Im not meaning this in a personal way..just looking at the facts.. from responsibility comes order.. hit the road and chuck the planes sir.

  2. Andrew Hyde Avatar

    I did get on 40 flights this year, none of which would have been grounded without me.

    16,000 commercial flights per day in this world. Group transportation boycots wouldn’t lead to much substantial change. I don’t commute. I don’t use much trash. I use public transit everywhere I go. I’ve thought about this a lot and by the numbers, personal responsibility for flights doesn’t make too much sense. There is a chapter in the book about this.

  3. HANO Avatar

    (shakes head at ibika…)

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