The 15 Things I Own

Hello NYTimes readers! Quickly:

An updated and more interesting version of this (after a year of living with 15 things) can be found here: Extreme Minimalism.
I wrote a book about this whole minimalism and travel project. Read the reviews on Amazon and let me know what you think!

I own a ton of stuff, selling it all right now.  When I leave for my trip around the world, I will own 15 things:
  1. Backpack
  2. iphone
  3. Small Camera
  4. ipad
  5. Long Sleeve Shirt
  6. Short Sleeve Shirt
  7. Long Pants
  8. Board Shorts
  9. Underwear
  10. Sandals
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Wallet
  13. Towel
  14. Jacket
  15. Toiletry Kit
  16. Irritating sense of superiority (well, not really, but let’s just cut off that being a motivation right here, after all, I’m going to be unemployed and homeless)

I’m counting chargers as part of an item (iPhone, iPad, Camera) and packing some extra underwear (who talks about that online anyway).

That will be it.  15 things, weighing about 9 pounds.

I can’t get there without you buying my stuff, so see what I have already

I’ve done 30-45 day trips this way, here is a picture from what I packed last year for a 16 city trip:

What I packed for a 28 day trip






14 responses to “The 15 Things I Own”

  1. Spencer Fry Avatar

    That's bad ass. 🙂

  2. Ef Rodriguez Avatar

    Do you have any unused TechStars socks? I would love to rock those this fall.

  3. Selina Avatar

    I did this two years ago – absolutely liberating! Rock on 😉

  4. Lucretia M Pruitt Avatar

    Glad you got the Jet Blue ticket – but shouldn't you add Passport to that list? 😉

  5. Taylor Davidson Avatar

    15? Awesome. When I did my trip, I took 79 things, although I was a little more anal in counting chargers, etc. But the numbers don't matter, it's the ethos that counts.

    (And well, I mentioned underwear 🙂

  6. Derrell Avatar

    What? No Towel? Not such a hoopy frood, you….

  7. andrewhyde Avatar

    fixed! That was an oversight.

  8. andrewhyde Avatar

    So I'm not going to count a charger, or a patch cable… just the big things.

    I think I'm at 23 when you count the dongles and such.

  9. andrewhyde Avatar

    Passport is in the wallet.

  10. andrewhyde Avatar

    I'm really looking forward to it!

  11. andrewhyde Avatar

    Thanks! See you in NYC!

  12. andrewhyde Avatar

    Yes, on the way to you.

  13. anwith1n Avatar

    Color me impressed – I thought I traveled light, but you take it to a whole new level. Have fun & be safe during your travels!

  14. ajleon Avatar

    Dude, I love this. This is exactly what Melissa (my wife and biz partner) and I do when we travel … and it is awesome. Have fun on your trip!

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