TwitSpace: A Twitter UI Improvement That Ruined It

Something has been unusual about Twitter in the last two months.  I couldn’t quite pin it, but it seemed there was a mass increase of spammers or people that have spammer like behavior.

It all started with a UI change.  Or so I think.

About 2 months ago Twitter changed the order of your Follower list. It used to list your followers, in order that they joined twitter.  Now it lists the people that just followed you, like this:

Twitter following change

Pretty simple UI.  Made it quite a bit easier for me to add people that followed me.  Cool.  But soon the users figured out that ‘people that just followed you’ was a gold mine of people that just took the action of following someone.  Open up a few profiles, follow the 10 people that just followed them.  Repeat until you have 13k followers.  If people were really looking to just add numbers, then go for this search and follow everyone.


Now you have authority.  Or so you think.  Now you are important.  Or so you think.  Now you are a spammer.  Or so I think.

Welcome Twitter, the MySpace.

To me, gone is Twitter as a reputation management tool.  Gone is authentic behavior.  Gone is creativity.  Gone is the fun.  Or at least it is hidden behind a pile of cheap sales pitches. The question now is ‘what can community do for me?’ and not ‘how do I act and build this community?’

And it all started with a UI tweak.

I’m taking some time off.

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