UserVoice – A Startup With Explosive Growth

UserVoice / 12seconds Launch Party!!!
Image by veeliam via Flickr

Santa Cruz startup UserVoice is a lesson on how to do it.

Bootstrapped, the two founders know how to capitalize on opportunities.  Their product is new, but robust.  A simple and clear UI highlights their mission, to give users a voice in the products they use.

It differs from Get Satisfaction, which is also impressive.  Get Satisfaction is for bug reporting and customer service while UserVoice is for feature requests and idea storms.  Companies can use both.

Funny that two ‘listen to your users’ startups have done just that.

Glowing reviews from Read Write Web, TechCrunch and Jeremiah Owyang.

After the first TechCrunch review, one of the founders, Marcus Nelson asked me “Now what?”

My response was “Work harder.”

And that they have.

Check them out.  They just had a big release with free and pro accounts.

Impressive to say the least.





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