WTF@ Episode 3 “Crunk”

Where the Fun’s At Episode 3:

Show notes:



Wine Library TV, Charles Shaw Episode:

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10 responses to “WTF@ Episode 3 “Crunk””

  1. georgegsmithjr Avatar

    I prefer the term “pimp cup” to Crunk Cup.

  2. Ginger Avatar

    You guys crack me up… good stuff. Oh, and the miner's cabin makes a terrific backdrop.

  3. Ef Rodriguez Avatar

    I am so delighted that neither of you attempted an “OKAY!!!” or “YEAH!!!” during the filming of this episode.

    You fellows are artists and rose above the easy gag. Well done.

  4. wyliemac Avatar

    Yea. My wife watches CBS soaps and she hates the scaled down, harsh lighting, handheld camera feel that they seemed to have adopted. She says they've definitely gone downhill. 🙂

  5. Kath Avatar

    Jeremy – Concannon Wine…loved by altar boys round the world.

    You guys are awesome!

  6. Kevin Menzie Avatar

    Love how Jeremy is swirling that drink like a fine wine.

  7. dennisyu Avatar

    Hiliarious! And I love the gold prospector office setting! Drink the Acai to help you lose weight, too.

  8. […] Tell me where that community/clique/coven (?) is in the Bay Area and I’m there. Until then, I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for the next installment of “Where the Fun’s At“. […]

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  10. Free Acai Berries Avatar

    Funny video, thanks for sharing.

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